Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Product Spotlight.......Decorating Dots

Darling Nursery done in
Decorating Dots
Dark Brown, Pink & Tan dots used

The following Decorating Dot kits are available:
Lillie- Dark Brown, Pink, White
Addie-Green, Pink, White
Emma-Yellow, Pink, White
Hannah-Black, Pink, White
Dallin- Blue, Red, Lt. Tan
Breanna- Dark Brown, Lt. Blue, White
Sam- Dark Brown, Red, Lt. Tan
Make your own custom kit with these available colors:
White, Black, Dark Brown, Dark Tan, Lt. Tan, Dark Blue, Lt. Blue, Dark Green, Green, Red, Pink or Yellow

Each Decorating Dot Kit comes with 3 sheets of dots.
$25.00 + tax & s&h


Joanna said...

Steph, I just found your blog and it is SO CUTE! Whose cute nursery is that anyway? Adorable! I should have asked your advice when we were decorating Amelia's room! I'm going to put a link to your blog from mine...hope that's okay!

Sarah & Ryan said...

How do I order... I would like Red, White, & Black dots... is that possible?

Truscott's said...

I want info on ordering too. Thanks!

Truscott's said...
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Stephanie said...


Please leave me your email in a comment & I will email you more info.

truscott's: I erased your last comment to protect your email! ;)

Stephanie said...

Sarah & Ryan:

Yes I can do Red, White & Black

Email me at if you are interested.