Friday, January 4, 2008

Custom Chore Charts

Chore Charts

All chore charts can be customized to fit the needs of your family.

This is the 12" x 36 " size

Tags for family members

Velcro makes rotating chores easy

Chore Charts come in 2 sizes:
12"x 36" (Family name + 10 Chores) $40.00
Available in Black and Red

14" x 24" (Family Name + 6-7 chores) $32.00
Available in Black

*Vinyl only for chore charts also available-$5 per sq. ft. per color.


Joanna said...

Steph, I love the chore chart SO much! Everything you do is amazing!

Shelly said...

I really do want one. Instead of initials for people's names...could I get days of the week?

Stephanie said...


You can customize it however you want. The tags I use are 2" X 2" so the words have to be able to fit on there.

Rotpada said...
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Colleen (aka "Rawleen") said...

How can I order one of these? I love them!