Monday, March 17, 2008

Domestic Diva Aprons

Black, Red & Aqua

Front View; Fabric A; Tied in front Back View
Close up of Fabric A; "Elegance" by Windham Fabrics
Front view; Fabric B; Tied in back

Back View

Close -up of Fabric B; "Mae" by Michael Miller

Black, White & Aqua Floral

Front View; Fabric C; Tied in Front Back View Close-up of Fabric C; "Black & White & Red Allover" by, Henry Glass & Co. Front View; Fabric D; Tied in back

Back View

Close-up of Fabric D; "Wimsy C" by Timeless Treasures

Green, Blue & Brown
Front View; Fabric E

Back View Close-up of Fabric E; "Daydreams" by, Deb Strain for ModaFront View; Fabric F; Tied in front

Back View

Close-up of Fabric F; "Dumb Dot" by Michael Miller

*Each one of these Domestic Diva Aprons are Handmade using the finest designer fabrics----3 & 3/4 yds. to be exact! Each one is reversible and can be tied in the front or the back!


+ s&h & tax

"These aprons are based on the Emmeline Apron Pattern- "

*Want something different? Custom orders available.


Lara said...

I love that black and white one with the aqua on the reverse. I'm awful for knowing what to charge though because I'm not into sewing yet so I don't know the cost of materials and how much time and labor you put into each one. When you decide on a price let me know I want that black and white one! larajade MC

Emily said...

I LOVE these! So cool that they're reversible! I would probably pay $38-42 for one. I think it might be hard for some people to drop a bunch of money on something like an apron, but I cook a lot, and I honestly would be wearing them every day, or at least when I'm doing housework! lol
I want to buy the green-polka dot and brown/blue damask one! LOVE IT!!

PS - Here's another girl I know that makes aprons. You can check out some of her pricing here -

April said...

I love them so much. So chic and pretty. I would definetly cook in that.
I'm not sure what I would pay probalby $30, but I think you could sell them for me. Let me know when you know.

Crazy Lees said...

I think I am going to have to get me one of these since my two monkeys took over the other one! THey are spectacular Steph! I love tham all especailly how it is reversable! You can turn it around if someone comes knocking at your door and you can be clean and sassy! said...

OH! I have to have one! i LOVE them! I am especially in love with the Dumb Dots one. Are they available for purchase yet? Do you have a store? and ETSY shoppe? Please let me know!

Montessori By Hand said...

Someone just directed me to your site - your work is very lovely. Just a friendly reminder to use the following quote if you end up selling these: "This apron is based on the Emmeline Apron pattern -"

Thanks, and good luck!

sandy said...

These are the most gorgeous aprons I have ever seen. I think that you could get anywhere between $30-50 for them. I want one of each! Although they are so cute I'm not sure I could wear them to bake in. I wouldn't want to get them dirty.

Morada said...

You are very talented! These are very beautiful aprons. I love the reversible idea, especially the Domestic Diva Apron in Black, Red & Aqua. My sister-in-law has a link to your site and I learned about your aprons from her!