Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Project Organization: Pantry Labels

Has the cleaning bug bit you?

My house is in utter chaos........
I'm hoping to get it in "organized" tip top shape!

Do you want your own labels?
Email me at


Amy said...

oh my gosh. OH MY GOSH!!! I love them. LOVE!!! good work girl!!!

Crazy Lees said...

I am SO SO SO jealous!!!!!!!!
Steph Once we move...(praying hard for sooner than later) I want some!!!! Way cute and so orderly!

Emily & Garrett said...

I absolutely LOVE these! What a great idea! How can I get some for my house?

Amy said...

alright! PROBLEM! I can't get these out of my head so I am thinking I need some. :)

I am in the process of a little pantry overhaul ... when I am done I will be e-mailing you ... cool?

your ribbon thing is pretty amazing too. you have started me thinking that maybe I should make that big empty bedroom a craft room ... and then I will copy EVERYTHINGG that you have done. ???? ;)

talk to you soon!!!